Restaurante Aralar


Summer holidays closed from:29th July to 15th August and 26th August to 1st September (both included)

About us

Situated in the very heart of Bilbao, we are also a significant part of it. Through this web, we want to open our doors to the world, but without losing sight of what is close at home, of what is ours, of our identity. We are because others were. Others will be because we are. We do not want to forget this, our very own way of serving you, of offering you the best quality, the best service. We look for a friend in each and every customer, and we make our best to treat them as one.

Special breakfasts, business lunches, catering service, afternoon snacks among friends, parties tailored to meet the needs of every customer... And let’s not forget something as traditional as our “bocadillos”, typically eaten in the Semana Grande Festival in Bilbao. You will always have us at your service. In this, which is our/your house. Do not hesitate to tell us about your likings and needs. We will do our best to make them come true.

Always at your service. Enjoy our bar and cafeteria service on the access floor, and our dining area on the lower floor.


Calle Ibáñez de Bilbao, 16 (Sabin Etxea). 48001 - BILBAO (SPAIN). Tel: 944 230 952 · 944 230 963


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